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MCTS have possibly the most comprehensive range of cutting tools, indexable inserts, solid carbide, HSS cobalt and powder metallurgy cutters, including the very latest of coatings for wet and dry machining as with turning for a range of tools, grades and geometries to machine composites, aluminium exotic materials and also hardened materials up to 70 HRC.


MCTS offer one of if not the broadest range of turning, burring, grooving tools, grades and geometries to suit all materials from aluminium to exotics such as Inconel and titanium, we also specialise in hard turning and roll turning.

We are very happy to deal with your enquiries and advise on machining problems and solutions to increase tool life and reduce machining times, maximising output as a result wherever possible.


MCTS specialise in deep hole drilling and specialist applications for drilling with suppliers such as Allied maxicut and Arno, with the capabilities of drilling holes 12xD in one hit.

We also have a vast range of jobber, stub, long series coated and uncoated drills, our range extends from HSS through to solid carbide drills.

We can also supply micro drills from 0.1mm diameter and we can accommodate any problems you may have and address those coming up with a solution to all problems.



MCTS boast the worlds finest tap manufacturers including Dormer, Guhring, Yamawa, prototype and Clarkson, with access to OSG, Emuge and innenspan.

We can accommodate for any material and application from roll taps through to aerospace and oil and gas thread forms. We are able to meet any demands required.

Thread Milling

Thread milling offers the opportunity to produce highly accurate threads in difficult to machine materials. Thread milling will out perform traditional tapping and thread turning processes.

The finest threadmills available from MCTS can drill from solid, produce a thread and chamfer all with one tool. MCTS are pleased to offer the best Thread milling components.

Thread Turning

MCTS can supply tools & inserts to produce all types threads.
We can supply a broad range of special threading tools and inserts including ACME threads for the Oil and Gas industry.

A range of components are also available for threading everything from stainless steel to brass and aluminium.

Spindle Tool Holders

All engineers know that the quality of their tools is one of the most important factors in engineering thats why MCTS take pride in supplying an extensive range of high quality spindle tool holders.

MCTS only supply high quality components in tool holders such as hydraulic chucks, collet chucks, lathe chucks, chuck jaws, sidelock holders, machine vices and shell mill adapters.


MCTS supply an extensive range of abrasives including emery, wet & dry, spirabands and scotch brite ect..

Regrinding & Specials

MCTS are very proud of our capabilities in this area and understand the need for having cutting tools performing to their maximum, we can regrind and recoat taps, drills and cutters. We can modify cutters, drills, toolholders and inserts ground to precision measurements, this is both beneficial to the customer and also the industry as the cost of regrinding and modifying is a fraction of the cost of replacing with new tooling which saves money as a result.

We are also known for being able to have tools made to a specification or manufactured from a drawing as we have been doing so for the past 6years something which we are proud of as we are one of very few who will ensure we meet the needs of our end user.

As well as tools and cutters, we can also have screw cutting inserts manufactured to customers needs and requirements including square thread forms, bastardised thread forms for underground pipelines and oil and gas fittings.


MCTS range of files are suitable for the industrial engineer. The files are manufactured from good quality carbon chrome steel correctly hardened and tempered, conforming to the recognised British Standard.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

MCTS is providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and industrial safety equipment to help you meet today’s high health and safety standards.

As leading suppliers we are proud to be able to offer some of the highest quality workplace safety equipment and PPE industrial supplies in the UK.

Hand Tools

MCTS offer an extensive range on all type of hand tools used within the engineering industry.

Band Saw Blades

MCTS provide high quality, production proven bandsaw blades

Deburring Equipment

MCTS is proud to offer the most comprehensive and versatile line of manual deburring equipment.
Each consists of a cutting blade (or blades) held in a suitable holder/handle.

we provide the most popular Deburring system, the swivel-blade type.
These Deburring tools consist of a cutting blade, freely swiveling in a handle, or in an extendable blade holder which fits into a handle.

Measuring Equipment

MCTS is a supplier of precision measuring instruments, we have a large comprehensive range suitable for all applications.
All are measuring equipment is in accordance with ISO & DIN standards.


Why recycle solid carbide tools and inserts?

There is increasing consumption of non-renewable raw material. MCTS recognise the need to conserve these limited resources and now offers a recycling service for used carbide inserts and solid carbide tools.

MCTS is operating according to ISO 14001 and works according to those principles.

Interested in recycling? Please contact our local office: [Goto Contact]

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